Tesla Invader 2/3

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 Tesla introduces their most powerful device to date! The Tesla Invader 2/3 is an upgrade to the their Invader III, it offers over 50% more power output due to its 3 battery support. This new version of the Invader supports 240 watts with 2 batteries but if you toss in a 3rd battery, the power can go as high as 360 watts! Performance wise, the Invader 2/3 is on the same level as other high wattage devices like the RX300 or Smok’s GX350 mod. What distinguishes the Invader 2/3 from other high wattage devices is its price, it has been aggressively priced which makes it a steal if you’re after high wattage! Powerful and competitive, the Tesla Invader 2/3 will bring you a satisfying vaping experience!


This Product Features:


Maximum Wattage Output: 240.0W (2 Batteries) 360.0W (3 Batteries)

Battery: 2/3*18650 High-drain batteries (Not Included)

Minimum Resistance: 0.10 Ohms

Adjustable Potentiometer

Replaceable Battery Cover

LED Inidcator

Low Voltage Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Low Resistance Protection

You Will Receive:


1x - Tesla Invader 2/3

1x - Extra Battery Cover


The Tesla Invader 2/3 can support 2 batteries up to 240 watts or you can add in a 3rd battery to take its power up to an insane 360 watts!



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